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Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday Volume.5

Where to begin,Where to begin...
Never leave something in your purse you don't want pulled up in public by your 3 year old. I was a bit late with my period and though oh I must be pregnant with with #4 so I ran over to Target with my 2 girls while lo was at school and I bought a few things including a pregnancy test. Well, I made a quick stop at my hubby's restaurant because I couldn't help but wonder,rushed into the bathroom while he "waited outside"with the girls. Well in my hurry once the test was done I threw it in my purse since I didn't want anyone finding it there in the trashcan and starting rumors. Well I wasn't pregnant but completely forgot about the test,that afternoon while at the supermarket I ran into a an acquaintance. While talking to her Princess Gigi pulled out the pregnancy test and handed it to my friend. Needless to say I was mortified and just kind of smiled and excused myself..ahhh kids!
A year ago one of my sons speech therapist tried pointing out that my son had deeper issues than just speech because 1.He didn't know how to use scissors or 2.stand in line. Needless to say she's an idiot because I had never let him play with scissors due to this :
Yup...That's princess Gigi's hair he just cut. I have to say I don't know what was worse...the fact that he chopped it off or trying to make Gigi understand we couldn't "Glue it"back on. I knew the day would come when this would happen. I'm thankful it was just this but Oy Vey!

I received my Kefir grains yesterday and am super excited to begin this process of making our own kefir. For those of you that don't know what Kefir is,it's a kind of yogurt tasting drink that is a probiotic. It helps in digestion, and overall health. This is something that my family really enjoys drinking but is very pricey. At about 4.00+ a quart it can put a dent in the pocket. Making it is much cheaper but it can be time consuming let's see how it goes.

I'm in LOVE with Mexican Coke! Ok well not in Love but I have to say what a tasty treat!! I found out the difference is the fact that Mexican coke uses Sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup. Wow who would have thought Sugar would be a luxury?

I have to share the cutest sight I found this week. My princess Gigi reading her Princess Gigi Books!

I'm back to Running again. My hiatus was enough! I was doing 3 miles now I'm down to 1 1/2 but oh well. I can only go up right? Let's see! I am shooting for a 5k at the end of October or maybe even a turkey trot around Thanksgiving. Let's see!
Our caterpillars have cocooned. In a strange fashion of course! I think they are more like moths than anything but still have been a fun thing to watch :) Let's see what comes out :)

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