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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Say NO to Flies!

During the hot summer months KS homes become havens for Flies. Those little jerks invade every crevices and are ready and waiting by doors and windows to come in and cause chaos and mayhem.Sometimes you don't even know how they get in but they find a way. The only thing to do is patiently swat them or in my case hang fly tape...yeah classy I

Today was a beautiful day out. Sweet breeze floating through the air,sun shining away and so naturally foreseeing the winter lurking I decided to enjoy this beautiful day with the windows open. Half way through they day a persistent nag started to occur. Something started at me,bothering me slowly,then it grew and grew until I realized somehow there were at least 20 flies in the least. How in Little Dutch-boys name did they get in here? Well I went around the house twice only to find a creeping fly coming in through the screen in Princess Gigi's room. IT was literally the tiniest hole ever...but had I not seen that little imp crawling in I wouldn't have believed it.
It then hit me. This is a perfect analogy of life. So many times we are on our merry way. Enjoying and loving life,when we slowly start letting flies in to our life. We don't know how it happens but one by one they start attacking our peace,our happiness,and our Sanity. Flies can be things like depression,fears,or even negative people in our lives. When we notice" flies in our lives we need to find a way to stop them from entering our hearts (or in this case our homes).

So when you notice those pesky flies coming in,find a way to block them out. Don't let them own your happiness!


Jamie Jo said...

That was a fun little comparison.

I'll remember that in about a month when the ladybugs (Asian beetles) start coming in and are everywhere!!! Those things stink.

I'll also think of you! (and smile)

Conservamom said...

HAHA! Ugh I know those little guys..They do stink!! lol

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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