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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Song

As always link back to my Sunday Song to Sing praise for 7 things you are grateful for this week!
1. Homemade bread-The kids have loved it and we can't get enough of the bread I made!
2.Quality time with my hubby. We got two nights this week of being able to sit and watch a movie after the kids were asleep and just relax. Seems we are always running every which way and it was so nice!
3.I got a manicure! Took a few minutes to get away and get one. It was much needed and made me feel like a million dollars:)
4.Mumms and pumpkins- They are out and everywhere! A sure sign of fall. This is my favorite time of year. The smells and feel make this time magical!
5.God made Lo cute how preschool is wearing off on him. This morning he woke me up with a kiss and said "Mommy,God made me special!" So glad he realizes the blessing he is in our lives.
6.It has been a relatively calm week and I've been able to get back into the groove of things even though my parents left and I don't have that support. Sad that they are gone but Blessed that they were able to visit. :)
7.Our health. I can't stress that enough. No matter what trouble we may face financially,or any other for that matter as long as we have our health we have everything.
Remember to link back and share your blessings and what you are grateful for!

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