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Saturday, September 17, 2011

We Are ALL Called to be Saints

I have a lot of friends that are not Catholic and have a misconception of our belief of Saints. I wanted to take this time to clear it up because it seems even amongst Catholics there is a misconception and many aren't following the true teachings of the Catholic church when it comes to Saints.

Saints, broadly speaking, are those who follow Jesus Christ and live their lives according to his teaching. Catholics, however, also use the term narrowly to refer to especially holy men and women who, through extraordinary lives of virtue, have already entered Heaven. The process of Canonization is a very thorough and complex process, just anyone is not made a saint.

However, once a person is made a saint,contrary to popular belief they are not WORSHIPED. Since our belief is this person lived such an extraordinary life that we know for a fact they are in heaven we ask for them to intercede on our behalf since they "are right there". This of course is the cliff notes version but in all this is what we do. We do not Pray to saints or the Blessed Mother,We only pray to God. That being said we ask for the saint to intercede or help us.

When you have a special intention don't you ask your friends,family,others to please pray for you or on your behalf? That is what we are doing as well. It bothers me when I see even Catholics holding saints up as Gods because they aren't. They are just examples of what we should strive to be.
Read about their lives,learn about what they did and you can learn so much about trust in God,Acceptance of his will and so many other lessons. There are saints for every walk in life. One of the Saints I love the most is St.Rita. She is often referred to as the saint of the impossible. She lived such an amazing life. She truly put all her trust and faith in God even though she was dealt with some really hard blows during her life. She makes you realize that no matter what your walk in life is WE ARE ALL CALLED TO BE SAINTS!

We are all called to live the best life possible where we place our faith,trust and acceptance in God and his will. Not to succumb to despair or to think oh well...whatever happens happens. I've heard people use the horrible phrase,"I'm going to Hell anyways" Really?Is that how easily we give up? Try to be the very best you. St.Theresa of the Little Flower use to say it was through "The Little ways"that we could reach God. Through our everyday actions that we could make it to heaven. Isn't that what one should strive for? Day by day?

This is just an insight to something so beautiful that many don't understand but if did would appreciate,learn and accept and try to follow. Because after all,God wants us all in his arms,Doesn't he?


Jamie Jo said...

Amen to everything.
Our goal is heaven. If we miss we have Purgatory. If our goal is not the highest goal, and we miss then what?

God wants us all to be in heaven with Him someday, we all have the same opportunity to become saints.

Conservamom said...

Isn't that the truth!! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Catey said...

I love this! This was great to read, and much simpler to understand than some of the explanations I've heard before. What a blessing it is to have such amazing examples to look to!

Conservamom said...

Thanks! Sometimes its just easier to break things down even for me to understand them. As humans we complicate things too much and not appreciate the little ways we can be better :)

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