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Friday, October 21, 2011

7 Quick Takes. Volume .8

Happy Friday Everyone! I want to thank Jen @ Conversiondiary for hosting the 7 Quick takes. Always helps me do a quick recap of the week in an easy way and always gets me meeting some GREAT new people.
So here goes...
So we finally decided on a costume last week. Let me preface by saying we DON'T like celebrating Halloween and I think our costume choice was a little to dark and yucky for our taste but last minute putting together is what we got...ehhh not our best choices but oh well. Don't ask whats going on with hub's face paint

Wednesday was the last day of Fall soccer. THANK GOD. IT was freezing!!

As you can tell Princess Gigi was done with the cold and sat in Bummies stroller the whole time. Lo was as you can see very proud about his medal which he said they gave him because "He's a WINNER"lol

Didn't realize how violent tot soccer was! Poor little kid getting trampled!! He was ok though:)


Talking about Bummies, I've decided to begin clothdiapering. After calculating the cost etc...I've decided this is our best bet. Bummie is still in diapers for a bit and thanks to a generous handout from my neighbor and another one from my sister in law I am set to start and figure it's something that will be good in the long run. I've put it off for a long time but looking at how much money I could have saved had I done this with lo,let's just say it would have bought a lot more than diapers:)For those of you cloth diapering, Any suggestions,brands,etc...things I should know?would love to hear from you:)
We went to a really neat little fall festival at the farmers market last week. I got a few great veggies and the kids got to ride a train,go on a fire truck and most important (or at least all they could talk about after the fact) was that they got to pet a "cow pig". Here is the "cow pig"

Ahhh gotta love kids imagination :)
I am excited that my in-laws are coming in tomorrow. Always great to have some more hands to help out with the little guys and well the munchkins love having family over. So it will be a neat time :)
I guess summer is Officially officially over! WE had our first frost two days ago. I really don't mind this weather it's the cold,bitter,blowing snow time I HATE. Ack..not looking forward to it,but you all know that. he he
So my hub decided he really needed a new pair of crocks for the kitchen at work and he was going to go ahead and buy a pair at famous footwear. Well he went back and forth about paying for them because they were pretty pricey and ended up not getting them. Well when we got home I found the same pair on the crocks website for half the price+free shipping+20%off on top of that since I "signed"up for their newsletter. Needless to say I got the kids a pair of crock sandals that were on sale for next year. Well I bought all of the shoes including the hubby for less than what he was going to pay for them at the store. What's funny is the shoes I bought the kids are summer shoes and they are a size to big for them,but whenever a new package arrives my kids HAVE to have it. So now they are both wearing the crocks because they "JUST LOVE THEM"! But since it's been so cold They've been throwing socks on Here's lo just before going out with his Very stylish. -_-


ConservamomE said...

Thanks for the info :) I am excited and a bit nervous. This is really stepping outside of my "comfort" circle but it's good to do that sometimes isn't it?:)

Elizabeth K. said...

Love the cloth diapers. I've done it both with and without a diaper service. With a diaper service, the diapers are much, much nicer, but obviously it's cheaper to do it yourself. It's nice to hang them to dry, too, though with your cold weather coming, that may not be an option. Don;t fall for those velcro wrraps--the plastic pants are best for locking things in!:)

Jamie said...

Cute pictures! I love your costume! I just noticed you put my button on your sidebar - thank you! Your button is on my blog love page too. :o)

We're going to the pumpkin farm tomorrow and I can't wait!

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