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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reason 8,125,1254 I HATE the Occupy Walstreet Movment.....

These idiots out at the Occupy Wall street rally in Rome destroyed a statue of Our Beautiful Blessed Mother. These rallies just show you how Marxist in nature they are. To go after "big Business" is one thing but to go after religion is sick. This just shows you how incredibly evil in nature this movement is and how I have NO sympathy with them.
Amazing how it's not a Muslim statue they are destroying,oh wait...they would get killed. It seems Catholics are always the little kids in the playground that gets spit on,hit,and teased and doesn't do anything about it.
Sick. This really messed my morning up.




Elizabeth K. said...

I linked to this post on my page today. I'm so torn between wry amusement and a kind of low-level horror at the OWS movement. Sorry it messed up your morning--unfortunately, I think we're in for more of this kind of thing. :( But they can't touch what's really important, and they'll never really win.

ConservamomE said...

I think so too. This is only the beginning. It just makes me so sad to see this.

Jamie said...

Oh no!!!!! :( :( :(

ConservamomE said...


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"Never has the devil found such fertile territory upon which to work as in this era when his very existence is denied by so many" - St. Padre Pio