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Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes Volume.7

I am officially 32! I had a birthday yesterday which was up there on the *crappy list* because everyone in my house including myself had some sort of stomach virus...good times!
My awesome neighbor made me this amazing key lime pie for my birthday of course I am feeling a million times better and celebrated with it this morning for breakfast...don't judge!

The hub and I have a costume party to go to tonight. If no kids are puking we shall be there. I will be a cute witch not sure what my husband is going to be yet..(he's having issues with his costume)
As you might imagine I have a God given name...not Conservamom but Elia. Well I was actually named after my aunt Elia and my grandmother Elia. On Tuesday October 11th was the 34th anniversary of my Aunt Elia's Death (she passed away at 24) and my grandmother's 2nd anniversary of her death on Wednesday October 12th. Now it's not looking so good for me on October 13th,lol luckily it's my Birthday that day....let's keep it that way God!! Any who my aunt gave sent me this beautiful picture of my grandmother holding me when I was about a year old with my aunt Elia's picture in the background. I found it fitting that this would be the perfect picture for the week :)

So as some of you know i've been training for a 5k. I got this picture the other day from a friend and couldn't help thinking this was the perfect visual of me running!!lol
I had a good argument with a friend yesterday on the whole occupy wall street dopes. The thing that set it off was this picture. What do y'all think? In my opinion I think this kid hit nail on the head.

In honor of tonight's party I figured I'd kick it back to the old school with one of my old Halloween costumes. Enjoy!!


Jamie said...

I love the Occupy Wall Street picture! My college debt is killing me. I wish I made better decisions - starting to save early seems like a good one. I certainly don't blame wall street for my problems. What a well written piece. :o) Did you win your argument?

For Love of Cupcakes

ConservamomE said...

I think I made my point and I think my friend understood and agreed but she's blinded by her feelings on the matter and feels someone needs to pay. :( It's sad.

ConservamomE said...

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better on your end!!! :) These flu bugs are terrible!! If only we could fit them into our schedule right?lol. We had fun at the party,it was nice to get out and be with adults but alas I'm getting old by 11pm we were exhausted and ready to go home!lol

Jamiejo99 said...

Glad you are feeling better! My 2 year old had some flu thing that thank goodness, only lasted all day yesterday. (puke and other end too and only wanting mama to hold her) I got nothing done, but she is better. And if it were possible, I love her more.

Love the picture of your grandma and auntie. Elia is a beautiful name and even more special to named after such special people.

Love the picture of the college thing. I'm going to send it onto a friend. We were just talking about kids nowadays, and even worse, their parents who hand everything over and pay for these expensive colleges and get stuck. We have 5 kids, that just aint happening here.

I really doubt you look like that baby running, but it sure gave me a laugh!!
Good for you, keep up the great work!

Have fun tonite at the party!

Elizabeth K. said...

I like the OWS picture--I think it makes a great point. I try very hard to listen to and understand other positions, even when I disagree, but I'm kind of stumped by this movement. What, precisely, is its purpose? On a lighter note, I love the picture in #5--I feel that way even when I'm not actually running (which I mainly am not!).

jen said...

The kid in the picture is not in the situation of most of the "dopes" in Occupy Wall Street (which I support 100%). The vast majority are people who lost their houses when the sub-prime bubble burst, who were laid off and then diagnosed with serious medical conditions even though they no longer had medical insurance to pay for it, and kids who dropped out of college to help their parents make ends meet.

Apparently you've never had to apply for food stamps or Medicaid but it's a reality to many of us and we were people who did the right things, paid our bills, and who live paycheck to paycheck. Once you've sat in the Department of Health and Public Services offices in Pomona and fought with the system to get medical care for your developmentally delayed 2 year old, you can call people "dopes". Until then, kindly pretend to have a sense of compassion.

Oh... did I mention that my husband and I both have bachelor degrees, my husband has an M.Div, and we have always lived far below our means? Yeah... crud happens to all of us and those of us who have paid taxes expect that our taxes are going to help us and not just bail out corporations who engaged in speculative behavior before turning around and gouging us with new fees to make up for the income lost due to regulatory action.

ConservamomE said...

Elizabeth, I have tried and tried to read and understand what they are trying to get at but it's all a mess on OWS. From the information they keep putting out basically they want to due away with capitalism because it's failed us and they want to blame Big corporation/big business. Bottom line capitalism hasn't failed our government isn't really being responsible with our money. As with anything in our society people are looking for the bad guy in all the wrong places.
As for #5 I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that one!! Have a great week!!!

ConservamomE said...

Wow. You sound angry but like the people of OWS you are obviously directing your anger at the WRONG people.
1.Yes I have had the same issues as you. For your information I have a child with a heart condition that until recently would not get covered by ANY insurance carrier and we had to pay OUT OF POCKET for quite a few of his test/procedures etc. So yes I have been where you are at.
2.My husband is self employed we own a small business that is getting taxed like it's no body's business. There are times when my husband doesn't even get a paycheck due to the fact that it was a slow week/month. We've had our share of credit card debt,money issues, student loans(which we are slowly but surely paying off) so once again YES I understand what you are saying because I too have lived it. Big Business really to blame? If I remember correctly the past administration and this current one are the ones who gave these bailouts. They were the ones who handed the money out. Big Business took it. They should have been allowed to fail. I don't blame them,I blame our government.
Why isn't anyone blaming government for these bailouts? Why aren't these protesters out in front of congress?Haven't they done enough damage with our money to the point where China owns us? Do you not see a problem with that?
3. Why aren't these people protesting outside of Universities? Aren't they the ones charging an arm and a leg for tuition? Our local hillbilly university charges 12,000 A YEAR for tuition. College professors here make starting salary of 125,000. Is that not abuse? Our College football coach makes 2m+ a year! This is a state school! Shouldn't our tax dollars be put to better use?
I think you're problem is your understandably angry you(like the rest of America)have had it hard and are looking for someone blame. However have you really sat down to see what OWS really is "Backing" because yes you hear one thing or the other but is there truly a collective answer to what they want? Other than destroying capitalism? Because if that is what you are looking for I am sorry to tell you that is not your answer because the other option is Socialism or even funner Communism and guess what I do have experience in that, I have lost family members and loved ones to that "unselfish system". There is a huge problem in this country and things need to change but I am not going to throw my valuable energy or support a ridiculous and yes DUMB cause like OWS.
BTW: Ironic to think that Our President Obama has received more contributions from "Wall street" than ANY president in history. Makes me wonder who is on what side....

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