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Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Children's nutrition,Congress and Kermit the Frog

So this weekend The Muppet's were on SNL. I'm not a huge fan of SNL But couldn't help but think how Seth and Kermit were not too far off from the essential truth. Of course what they said was more far fetched than what really happened. Pretty much Congress passed a revised agriculture appropriations bill last week,  making it easier to count the paste on pizza sauce as a serving of vegetables. There's more to the bill and what not and you can read more about it  here.   This isn't something new considering a lot of food companies are trying to pass processed foods off as nutritional meals. 

I have to say I am not trying to judge parents on the choices they make nutritionally. I am one that sometimes goes for ease instead of nutrition. I also get that congress is under a lot of budget cuts,however, isn't our kids nutrition one of the most important things to consider?  I have issues with this whole thing just because I know it's easier for them to make deals with companies like "Chef Boyardee" Thank it is to get schools to work with local farmers and try to get more fruits and veggies into our schools. After teaching 8 years in a school I remember my waistline suffered when I opted for the good old school lunch. Even simple things like salads always had fatty dressings associated with them.

I am also making a plea to parents to not follow labels or believe what they say. Use common sense. I know that it's easier to veer towards processed foods. I think it's crucial for parents to do the best we can to help our kids nutritionally. I really do think a lot of the problems (health,emotional,mental) that you are seeing in kids today are steaming from our incredibly bad nutritional habits. Either way we need to stay vigilant of things like this and make sure that our kids are getting the best they can.

Stepping off my soap's the video!


Sandraseaman3476 said...

I don't like processed foods, frozen foods, junk foods, and to top it off, I hate cooking, but I what the most is feeling overweight, therefore, I cook because I choose to buy real veggies and homemade meals and serve it to my girls.

Jamiejo99 said...

When I only had 2 kiddos, a friend said her kids loved Chef Boyardee, so I tried it, my kids did I!! We use pretty much fresh and good stuff.....pretty much, except the occasional chicken nugget, oh, and they love ramen noodles...

When I did daycare, the sauce in the pizza was counted as vegetable. So funny, so were pickles.

Sandraseaman3476 said...

what help me the most was to buy healthy cook books! I make sure the word EASY is on the cover!

Jennifer @ Controlled Chaos said...

That's crazy, isn't it??? We don't typically buy processed foods either and homeschooling my own children and running a daycare we follow pretty strict guidelines for nutrition. What's interesting to me is to see what kind of foods some of these kids eat outside of my daycare. I think this is the place they get their nutrition. It's kind of a sad commentary on the society we live in now.

Jamie said...

Giving my kid(s) healthy meals is going to be a challange for me, but I'm going to work hard to figure it out! {I also used to be a teacher :o) }

I love my Nook Color. I definitely recommend the Barnes and Noble e reader instead of the Kindle, but I know a lot of people like that one too... My husband got one before me so he has the first Nook and loves it.

I think it's a great gift for your Hubs. I have no clue what to get mine - they really are impossible to shop for!!

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