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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Preschool, Parties,and FUN!

We've had an action packed weekend starting with Lo's Preschool Thanksgiving Program. I have to say I couldn't stop giggling at how cute they all looked! I also couldn't stop laughing at the fact that for 2 years we couldn't get him to talk and now we can't get him to stop. He made sure he had a commentary for his teacher after every song,poem or performance.
After the "show" we were all invited to a lunch of  "stone soup" and pumpkin cookies. It was such a neat time.
Here he is enjoying some stone soup...funny he never enjoys soup at home yet here he ate it all!!

Even princess Gigi enjoyed it and tried showing little "sitting Bull" some love.

The next day we had the "Lo's" Birthday party. It was such a neat time had by all!

Here he is showing Princess Gigi some love...

Lo and his Buddy waiting for the lanes to open so they could bowl.
In the words of the lo. "I'm the winner!"

The Hub and the princess Gigi

Princess Gigi trying her hand at this bowling thing.

Opening the presents!

The Bummie and Me :)
The funny thing is I realized one thing,How do you know you've been in the Midwest too long? Oh yeah..your son asks for a John Deer cake! Of course John Deer means green frosting which might be taste but stains like the dickens.

Dear Hub thought it would be a good idea to park the Bummie in front of a piece of cake.
All I have to say is Green Frosting+ Cloth Diapers= NOT FUN!


Jamiejo99 said...

Ugh...that green frosting is awful, you are right, so is the blue!!! And it DOES make for some funny looking poopies.

You kids are adorable.
You are beautiful.

Allison@TotusTuus said...

Your kids are so adorable and they are always dressed so cute!! God bless them!

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