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Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Volume. 19

It's Friday and it's 7 Quick takes day. Thanks  Jen at Conversiondiary  for doing this!

I took a step in a positive direction today and got a personal trainer with a special they were having at my gym for the next 5 weeks. My weight has gotten a little away from me...ok a lot away from me. I'm not even doing it to look good (which would be a huge perk) but because I need to stay healthy and active for my 3 little ones. I was running 3 miles before I got pregnant this last time but between that and the miscarriage it all went down hill. So hopefully I can regain some control and move forward :) Say a prayer for me that I do well.

Week 2 without cable and all's well! The kids haven't even asked to see some of their usual cartoons but do keep asking for "The Lizard of Oz with Tom and Jerry" (That' wasn't a
Since my family and I go to the Latin Rite Mass I haven't had a chance to go to a Mass implementing the new changes. Those of you who have gone,what do you think? 
If you're a young adult Catholic (or pondering to become a Catholic) woman who blogs , make sure and check out the #Cathsorority There are some amazing lady bloggers on that list that come from all walks of life and well are incredibly neat to read/talk and know. So make sure and check them out! I am so glad I did! 
The hub and I got to go out last night sans kids to the Unveiling of "Bud Light Platinum" at a local club in town. It was awesome going out with hub but I have to say I am getting old. By 9pm I was yawning my brains out and was ready to call it a night. Just the thought of getting pounced on at 7am was enough for me to call it quits. I remember when I was younger and use to begin getting ready at 9 ah how times have changed! 
Bummy is starting to express interest in potty training. I don't know if I'm ready. I know most parents jump at the opportunity but I have huge issues with public bathrooms. Plus I spent a million dollars on Cloth diapers and I still need to get my moneys worth. To be continued....
Now what I am about to say isn't going to be so quick and it might ruffle some(Albeit a lot of feathers) but this past week was the Anniversary of Roe vs Wade. I know that in the past I have not been a big fan of President Obama because we differ in ideological thinking in many many ways ..many..and I've realllllly tried making an effort in giving him the benefit of the doubt but this past week his address on the anniversary really irked me. He said that  "the 39th anniversary of Roe v. Wade is the chance to recognize the “fundamental constitutional right” to abortion and to “continue our efforts to ensure that our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as our sons to fulfill their dreams.” 
Now this really rubbed me the wrong way. I know that abortion is one of those topics that you are either for or against and to some there is a gray area. However, to equate a pregnancy to loosing rights, freedoms and opportunities was very bothersome.  To say that those that have chosen motherhood loose those rights,freedoms and opportunities is unfair and quite wrong to be honest with you. Yes,it changes things, but  not destroys you .What kind of a message do we sent by saying this? Maybe by easing up on the sexual revolution going on on TV and in the media we can give our daughters these dreams. Not by saying the legalization of abortion allows that. Sex has become something so glamorized, pushed and freely given out in our society. It no longer holds the sacred ground in which it was place on earth to do which is procreation between a man and a woman.Roe vs Wade isn't the answer to the problem it's a band aid on a huge society issue and to continue and glamorize the bigger issue we aren't allowing our daughters their dreams we are simply giving them an even bigger handicap in the process. Women are different they were made differently let's not equate their success in the same way as men. It's like comparing Apples to Oranges. Like my friend said  to me the other day: "We are wired differently and built differently. Feminism will never truly serve us until we start molding society to fit women better instead of trying to make us fit into a man's world." So yes congratulations on Roe Vs Wade we found yet another way to destroy true femininity and allow women to be set back and emasculated in the process.But those are just my thoughts and mine alone and I wouldn't be fair to myself or this blog if I didn't state them.

On that note I hope you all have an amazing weekend and week and I will see you all next week!!


Sarah B. said...

I was SO MAD when I read that Obama quote. I was like, "Buddy, I don't know what kind of women you know, but my idea of dreams fulfilled doesn't involve dead babies." Barf.

Also, I came *thisclose* to putting the same picture that's in your #1 in my QT this week.

Just found your blog and I like it! :)

ConservamomE said...

Haha! Thanks for stopping by!

I know I couldn't believe when he said that. I really wish he would have used something a little less barf. .

Jessica said...

Haha, that picture is SO true! I run like a fat kid, for sure. Keep up the hard work getting healthy!

Also, glad your "no TV" experiment is going well. :)

Bstar0306 said...

W00t! #CathSorority is getting sooo popular on the blogosphere and the twittersphere!

ConservamomE said...

haha! Thanks...3 babies do some work on your body and my strong relationship with food didn't help either!

Thanks for stopping by!

ConservamomE said...

#CathSorority rocks! :)

Mandi@Messy Wife, Blessed Life said...

My husband sent me an article about Obama's speech. I don't know why more people aren't upset about that.

Jennifer Y said...

Oh my goodness, I love every part of this post! 1. Asking Joan of Arc to help you be strong! 2. I would love to get rid of cable. 3. The changes in the mass a small, yet beautiful. 4. Definitely going to check out this blog. 5. Hubby and I are going out twice a month whether we need it or not. So far, dinner is all we can handle! LOL 6. Potty training. Wait until she takes your hand and says let's go mom. Everything prior to that is a head game. (I've potty trained 9 and am about to start on my 10th) 7. AMEN sister! Very well put.

Elizabeth K. said...

No ruffled feathers here. I am an ex-Democrat and it was O who sent me over the edge fiially--really repenting that I voted for Obama(which I should probably blog about at some point). That speech was just. . .just. . .well you said it. That and the HHS mandate have really got me fairly obsessed with the next election.

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