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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poppin' some fun!

I had always been a microwave popcorn kinda gal until I began reading about all the dangerous stuff it has as well as all the bad stuff it's causing. Ever vigilant of our kids health(and ours of course) we began popping our own popcorn. It's so simple to do and so much fun (and of course cheaper)that it will quickly replace those crummy little bags of junk they try to pedal our way!

Step 1 Get girl with excited face to hold Popcorn bag!

Step 2 Pour Vegetable oil in deep pot

Step 3 Carefully test if oil is ready for some poppin fun then throw the little suckers in!

Shake em all around!


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Rachel N said...

I love popcorn made this way. Unfortunately Hubby can`t seem to give up the microwave popcorn, still working on that one.

Gtringali said...

I've been doing this everyday after school the past two weeks. If you leave the top vented a bit it is supposed to keep it from getting soggy. I throw the butter in at the same time as the kernels because I'm too lazy to melt it separately:) Great pics!!

Katie H said...

I use olive oil and toss mine with some melted butter :) So much tastier and healthier than the bagged junk!

Lisa Gale said...

I used to be a microwave popcorn junkie!!! But I have avoided microwave popcorn for over a year now for that same reason! But I also avoided making it on the stove because it seemed like so much work. I finally ordered organic (non-GMO) popcorn and can't wait until they are delivered!! We're going to pop them up in some butter! I can't wait!!!!

Bstar0306 said...

I found a recipe on pinterest to make microwave popcorn with regular popcorn :)

Jennifer Y said...

Love homemade popcorn. Cute pics! I've tagged you in a Random 11 post on my blog. Come check it out?

Mary Michaud said...

I learned how to do this when I was craving popcorn while pregnant - so much better and very easy! I learned a trick to help tell when the oil is ready - just add two or three kernels when you first turn on the burner, when they pop, it's time to add the rest.

Jamiejo99 said...

Gosh she's a dolly!

My husband has popcorn every night!

Hillary Clayton said...

Love love love it! SO much better than microwave <3

Beth R said...

We love homemade popcorn!! Have you tried making it in a paper lunchbag? Easy too and a lot cleaner :)

Rachel N said...

That looks great! I never knew microwave popcorn was full of chemicals until I read it online a few months ago. Scary stuff!

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