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Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes- the Catching up edition

I think I lost track of the last time I did 7 Quick takes but figured I would give a quick recap of all I've been up to in 7 Quick Takes! Thanks to Jen @Conversion Diary for hosting!

If you had a chance to check out my Facebook page  I posted a picture of me 30 weeks pregnant. As usual we haven't found out what we are having. For those of you not on FB here's the pic and Yes there's only 1 in there :) What do you think? Boy or Girl?

Not only do we have the excitement of a new baby looming but we also begin the school year on Monday. I decided to home school Lo and we couldn't  be more excited!
We are almost done setting up the classroom, all we need are some finishing touches and we should be ready to go.
We decided on Catholic Heritage Curriculum as the Curricula we'll be following this year. Looking through it I loved all the great lessons and ideas it has to offer my little guy.
 We'll also be joining the local cross country team and he's getting signed up for TaeKwonDo so we'll be having a full plate of activities lined up this next school year,not to mention Homeschooling PE and activities we'll do with the local Homeschooling association. It's amazing how big the homeschooling movement has grown!?!

On a yuckier note, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes this pregnancy. I never had it before with any of the other ones so it has definitely been a learning curve. My life literally revolves around my little blood sugar machine! It's amazing how a little number will send me over the edge emotionally or put me in a good mood. I've been walking a lot more and watching what I eat so it's had a positive turn but it's still be VERY INTERESTING. I've been working on some recipes to help make life easier and will be posting them as I go :)

I am once again having a giveaway for the Sons of Cain Novel. If you haven't read it,heard about it or entered, make sure and check it out. It's a must have in EVERY Catholic's Collection! 

I just ran into this company called Trendy Traditions on ETSY recently and I fell in love with their jewelry! Check out these beautiful pieces that are only 13.00!! I am definitley heading over there and getting one for myself :)

Finally here's a little something to give you a chuckle...even though I don't think they guy will be laughing .Happy Friday! 



Jamiejo99 said...

Elia--Oh, my gosh, you look radiant!!!!

About Justational Diabetes, just remember no fruit or juice in the morning and add protein, that's the key to watching it....I'm a type 1, have been for 32 years, gone through lots of pregnancies, and that's the key.

so sorry you have to deal wtih it though, it's not fun.

We use a mix of CHC and Seton. I know you'll love it, Best wishes wished for you!!

ConservamomE said...

Aww thanks Jamie and thanks for the advice! :) I hope you are all doing great!! :)

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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