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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Little Me's Multiple Birth Program

 A  Father get's real about ways one can make life easier when multiples come into the picture and Little me's great Multiple Birth Program.

How Can a Father Help?

I am a father of five rowdy boys ages ranging from 3-12. My life is full of baseball practices;
dead lizards found in jean pockets and crayon drawings on the walls. From the very first
child and until now, I have struggled with trying to keep up with my amazing wife. She does
everything for our boys. She carried each one for nine months and continues to carry them
today. As her husband I am grateful for all her sacrifices to grow our family. I wish I could do
more to help her.

Two of our boys are fraternal twins. They are the most recently joined members of our family.
Fortunately by the time we had them, we were at a much better place financially than with our
first child. As the father, my way of contributing on a daily basis is to bring home the bacon.
We had to buy one more of everything…one more car seat, another crib, double diapers…you
get the picture. Today there are so many companies with programs to help out families with
multiples. They understand the financial obligations and stress that can accompany twins,
triplets or more.

It would have been nice to have taken advantage of those programs when we had our twins.
While mom is taking care of the little ones, dad can help out my finding these programs and
deals. The Little Me Multiple Birth Program is one we could have used. All you have to do is
register on their website and they’ll send you a “Welcome to the World” gift. I guess my point
of this is that dads can do more. Find these programs and register for them. Your wife will be
surprised and happy that you took the time to think of your little me’s. We may not be able to
take the burden of pregnancy away but we can help in unexpected ways.

. Disclosure: This was posted on behalf of Little Me's Multiple Birth program. I received compensation for this post, however all opinions are mine.

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Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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