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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tips For Applying Makeup Like A Professional

Applying makeup like a professional doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a little know-how and
some understanding of the tricks of the trade. With time, almost any woman can learn to create a
beautiful, natural looking appearance using the right makeup and brushes. Here are five simple tips that professional makeup artists recommend for correct make-up application.

1- Start with a Clean Face

Before starting to apply any type of makeup, you should always wash your face thoroughly. A clean face will help to make your makeup look smoother and last longer. Start by washing your face in circular motions with a gentle face wash. Follow with a toner to remove any excess dirt or residue and to balance the oil in your skin. Always finish with a moisturizer that is light and contains sunscreen with at least a 15 SPF.

2- Don’t Overdo It

With makeup, less is often more. Makeup that is applied too heavily can actually make you look older and painted. Only use concealer and foundation on the parts of your face that need a touch up. In addition, choose one feature on your face to play up and leave the rest neutral. If you have beautiful eyes, use a little extra eye makeup and leave your lips light. If you want to focus on your lips, wear a bright lipstick and then use a light brown eye shadow. This helps to keep a balance than looks both beautiful and more natural.

3- Use High Quality Makeup Brushes

A good, high quality makeup brush can be a girl’s best friend. Brushes are essential for blending
makeup and avoiding harsh lines that crack and crease. Most importantly, avoid the applicators that
come with makeup kits as they are very difficult to use and do not apply makeup evenly. Look for a
set of makeup brushes that include brushes for applying foundation, blush, eye shadow, and liners.
Makeup brushes that are well taken care of can last for years while providing amazing results.

4- Curl Your Eyelashes

If you’ve always wanted thick, full, perfectly curled eyelashes, an eyelash curler can make up for what you weren’t blessed with naturally. Curl your lashes before applying your first coat of mascara and then let your mascara dry. After a few minutes, curl your lashes again. Finish with a second coat of lengthening mascara for gorgeous results.

5- Use Contrasting Colors

To make your eyes really stand out, try using makeup colors that contrast with your eye color. Try to
avoid colors that blend in with your eye color as it will make your eyes seem less vibrant and noticeable. Green eyes look great with purple, green, and gold. Blue eyes are best contrasted with light browns and grays. Brown eyes will pop with copper and greens. For all eye colors, add drama with a little blue or silver.

By following these five simple tips, you can be well on your way to applying makeup like the
professionals. As with any skill, it may take time to perfect the correct techniques but with practice you can achieve fantastic results. Applying makeup doesn’t have to be difficult when you understand the basics for creating a beautiful, natural looking appearance.

  Disclosure: I received compensation for publication of this article.


Karen Chayne Sanchez said...

now I know how to apply make up like a professional... I actually don't know how to apply make up...thanks for sharing this! :)

md kennedy said...

If I do nothing else, I do curl my eyelashes. And I do have great brushes for when I apply powder - so important for a smooth look!

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