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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Something to keep in mind before moving.

A few months ago our whole family moved from Kansas to Florida, that’s literally half way across the country! With that came a lot of stress not only due to logistics of a move by our large family but also because of the packing up all our belongings. It’s amazing how much clutter one accumulates after a few years living in the same house.  When my husband and I moved to Kansas years ago we had no kids so our move was simple and quick. We just packed everything away in boxes and since we were newlywed we had already downside quite a bit. Now, it was a different story, 2 adults & 4 kids moving was going to be a whole other story! Our house looked like a war zone trying to figure out what was staying and what was going.
Many things were no brainers. We got rid of a lot of cloths, toys, and odds and ends. We also held a garage sale. We were able to sell a lot of our items and then donated a big portion of items as well.  We did run into a problem, we had a lot of items left over that we didn’t want any more but just didn’t want to throw away or donate and knew we could have made  money off of them if we had just  looked for the right sale venues. 
My husband and I had a lot of DVDs,Music and Video Games we wish we would have gotten top dollar for but instead basically gave away. I wish at that time I would have known about Music Magpie, a great online shop you can use to sell your old DVDs,Blue Ray, CD’s or even Games you just don’t want.  It’s easy to set up an account and start selling. It’s easy to go through all your old stuff that you just don’t use or listen to anymore and make some nice money out of.
Don’t wait until a cross country move to get rid of items you don’t use or need anymore. Get top dollar for them now by using the right selling outlets.

*although I received compensation for this article, all opinions are my own.

1 comment:

Helly Moulden said...

Having lost my job just after Christmas, I'm now about to relocate. I'm really glad I read this post, as I'm definitely going to clear out all the clutter before I go! I'm a cat owner with far too many cat toys too, so I think I may donate a load of the items to a cat charity or something. Thank you!

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