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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Be The Best Parent You Can Be....

It's amazing how no matter how terrible you feel, or act your kids always look at you as if you are Amazing! The way they hug you, they way they scream with joy when they see you. Those are amazing feelings. This is even more amazing when as a parent you let the everyday life affect you and maybe you don't respond to your kids the way you should. That is why, I have to always remember to try and be the parent my kids think I am. It's important in order to raise healthy, and well rounded children in the end.


Rachel N said...

This is a great reminder, thank you! This parenting thing can be hard. I try every day but I am human and I mess up. I keep reminding myself that it is important for my children to see me make mistakes, apologize to them and move on.

Becky said...

That Is Beautiful. Might Be My New Mantra. (Sorry Not Sure Why My Phone I'd Capitalizing Every Word :P) -Becky S.

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