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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some thoughts on Moving..

Moving can be very hard, moving with four kids can be almost impossible.  When we moved this summer from KS my husband and I ended up doing the move ourselves. Renting a Moving truck, packing it all up and he drove the whole way from Kansas to Florida. It was a hard endeavor but we made it. I do wish we would have had a long distance mover to help with the job.

It's hard to coordinate the logistics behind a move from stops along the way, to making sure you are taking the safest route.  It can be very taxing on a family not only to worry about the road trip associated with such a big move but packing everything up as well. Another thing one needs to consider is packing the truck up. If you don’t have a professional helping you things won’t fit in the allotted space and you will end up leaving a lot of stuff behind, like we did.

We’ve learned our lesson and hope we never need to move internationally or we’ll definitely be calling an international moving company. Moving can be tough and sometimes you have to cut corners financially to do it, but if you can afford it a moving company is the way to go.  


Sherry Compton said...

Wow! I feel for you. When my kids were little, I moved with them just 8 hours, and it was hard. Right after Christmas, kids, moving all that stuff, then all the work even when you get there. Definitely not a vacation! Hiring a moving company could definitely be the way to go.

Sophialevis said...

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Rachel N said...

Besides being single and moving out of my parents house we have only ever moved across town. Not too hard when you are young married couple that hardly own anything yet. We are in the process of house hunting now though so this next move will be with 3 kids in tow... should be interesting.

Jessica T said...

Just moved myself ,only 15 minutes away, I can only imagine how hard it was at such a long distance.

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