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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Natural Little One Spotlight: hazelnut Kids

* I did not receive compensation for this publication, All opinions are my own.


Finding toys for your kids can prove to be a challenge when a lot of the toys out in today's market are chock full of toxins, chemicals and less than desirable materials. Finding a store that offers both quality and affordable items can be even harder. Thankfully hazelnut kids fulfills both ideals.

This store is run by parents who know and expect only the best for their children and want to pass on their knowledge of quality children's toys and items on to you. 

You will find some beautiful items from: 

Baby Walkers

Courtesy of hazelnut kids

Courtesy of hazelnut kids

 Party Favors
Courtesy of hazelnut kids
and some beautiful and quality Doll houses!
Courtesy of hazelnut kids
You won't find cheap, questionably manufactured toys here. These are toys that will last a generation and then some. Thanks to the careful vetting process they use to pick out only the best companies, products and toys; you know that when purchasing from hazelnut kids you will only get the very best there is!

 To find out more on why choosing quality toys that are natural, organic and wooden is important; check out the informative article on their page. "Why Choose Natural, Wooden and Organic Toys?"

Now for the best part! You can win one of their quality products through the "My Natural Little One" Giveaway Event!!

Win a Stockmar Block/Stick Beeswax Crayon Combination - 8 of each in a tin. These are not the cheap crayons you get from the Dollar store that can have questionably properties. These are quality Beeswax crayons fit for the most precious little one Earth your Natural Little One!
So Enter the giveaway today!! For 10 Extra Entries today's "Secret Phrase" is Hazelnut Kids

To enter the giveaway head over here 

* I did not receive compensation for this publication, All opinions are my own.


Avia Huisman said...

Cool toys!! They look like they would be good for inspiring creativity and boosting IQ!

Wen Budro said...

Those are some nice looking toys. I like that they're eco-friendly as well.

krystel said...

i agree alot of toys is of chemicels its best for ecofriendly product for kids

Jessi Arias-Cooper said...

I love the simplicity of the dollhouse. Multiple kids could play with it together. Smart!

Take $5 off your first order with coupon REF10

Take $5 off your first order with coupon  REF10
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