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Thursday, September 15, 2011

If it's cold...Have a picnic!

Today was our first officially cold day of the year. I am still a Florida girl at heart and I have an incling my kids are too. Today however was a true fall,gloomy day and of course the kids wanted to have a picnic. Since this is "Sick"weather we decided to improvise and have a picnic indoors. Thanks to my hubby's restaurant he "packed us a lunch" and we got to enjoy it on the floor of the living room with a treat of watching "Tom and Jerry" Bummie of course sat on her highchair because I haven't completely lost it. Either way we had fun!

Notice Bummie stealing a grape from Princess Gigi's plate?

Bummie enjoying her meal from her perch

Mommy's meal thanks to Hub Shrimp tacos w/pico de gallo in fried flour tortillas and home made wonderful for the

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