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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Want some Arsenic with your Apple Juice?No ya?

As you all know I've had a continued *itch* with the apple juice industry.Today I was watching tv and saw that there is an upcoming episode of Dr.OZ talking about the danger of Arsenic in Apple juice. Of course red flags went up. So I decided to read up a little more and found it it's mostly the apple juice coming from China. shocker! The FDA site also made it sound like no big deal but the info I was able to get from all the research was the following:
consumer advocacy organizations Empire State Consumer Project and Food & Water Watch called on the Food and Drug Administration to take long overdue action on contamination of apple juice with heavy metals such as arsenic. The groups sent a letter to the agency that contained new data from testing commissioned by the Empire State Consumer Project, which revealed levels of arsenic contamination in one juice sample that was more than five times higher than what the Environmental Protection Agency would allow in drinking water.

The group arranged for testing of different brands of apple juice and apple sauce, and one sample of Mott’s Apple Juice registered 55 parts per billion of arsenic. The EPA’s tolerance level for arsenic in drinking water is 10 parts per billion, while the FDA does not have a tolerance level for juice.

“This is not the first time high levels of arsenic have been found in apple juice,” said Judy Braiman, Executive Director of the Empire State Consumer Project. “It is past time for the FDA to set a limit on a toxic substance like arsenic with long term health effects in the juice that kids drink.”

Two-thirds of apple juice that Americans consume—more than 400 million gallons annually—comes from China. This new data on apple juice comes on the heels of a report by Food & Water Watch that detailed China’s terrible safety record for food shipped to the United States.

Here is the Report from Food and Water Watch This is so sickening! We have literally banned food made in China in our house. However, I can't stress the importance for all of you to look into this!

I have to say years ago I would hear my mother in law talking about this and rolled my eyes thinking how bad could this be. I thought "The FDA is going to protect us,"I have to say after everything I'm reading/seeing I am disgusted and boy was I wrong!!!!! My Lo only has one kidney, I would be devastated if I did something to indirectly hurt him or any of my children because of my carelessness in using products that are flat out dangerous to their/our health.

Please read labels!!! Everything seems to be coming from China and other parts of the world! They aren't held to the same stringent standards that companies here in the US are held to.

I know that natural is best and making all these products yourself is the best route. But realistically I know that I do purchase ready made foods and am always trying to save a dime but not checking and buying for quantity instead of quality is going to be more pricey in the long run.

1 comment:

Jamie Jo said...

Wow, very intersting...I'm off to check my apple juice jugs...

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