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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Littlest Victims of 9/11

Juliana Valentine McCourt, Until today I hadn't really heard or paid attention to that name. I was watching a special on 9/11 when I heard the story about her uncle being trapped in the Mariott hotel that use to lie between the twin towers. It turned out he was there for a job interview when the planes hit including (he didn't know it at the time) Flight 175 en route to L.A. which his sister and 4 year old Niece Juliana were on. I had been half listening to most stories today as a blur and reminder of how fleeting life is and when I heard their story and the fact that she is My lo's age affected me more than I could imagine. As a Catholic one believes in the afterlife and hope that many of these souls were saved due to the prayers many people have offered up for them,considering God is outside of time and space.I also pray for her and the other countless children (including those in their mother's wombs at the time) who didn't get to really experience life on Earth. It comforts me to know that souls so pure had to have found favor with God and that he allowed them in their last moments the ability to separate themselves from this pain and hold them close to him.
Having little ones brings this so much closer in perspective and I feel that the children are what's really touched me this year on 9/11. I pray for the families that they left behind and I ask for the countless little saints that came because of this to help find God in the darkness that still clouds the heart of so many that are waiting to hurt in the name of a "Religion of Peace".

Requiescat in pace
Christine Lee Hanson, 2, Groton, Mass.
David Brandhorst, 3, Los Angeles, Calif.
Juliana McCourt, 4, New London, Conn.
Bernard Brown II, 11, Washington, D.C.
Asia Cottom, 11, Washington, D.C.
Rodney Dickens, 11, Washington, D.C.
Dana Falkenberg, 3, University Park, Md.
Zoe Falkenberg, 8, University Park, Md.

Juliana Valentine and Ruth McCourt

1 comment:

Gardenia said...

what a neautiful tribute. thanks for sharing these names, and that story.

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